There are many winter effects which can compromise a commercial roof’s performance. This is especially true when a roof is getting close to the end of its service life. Here are just a few wintertime factors which have been known to contribute to a roof’s demise:

  • Heavy snowfall
  • Pronounced temperature lows
  • Lingering snow and debris on a roof
  • Freeze-and-thaw cycles throughout the season
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Ice dams

These winter effects are hard on commercial roofs. They can bring up new roofing issues or make old problems even worse. For instance, as warmer weather comes about, snow piles on a flat roof system could turn into ponding water. Let’s say this roof does not have proper drainage. As the snow melts, this resulting water can linger and put undue stress on the flat roof system – which gives way to leaks or other costly damage.

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