Do you know how your commercial rooftop fared during the last few winter months? A commercial roof inspection can help with that!

It’s critical to address winter rooftop damage as soon as possible and, as springtime approaches, we’re all gifted with the optimal time for not only annual roof inspections, but also prime weather for maintenance and repairs. Keeping up with these inspections with the expertise of a national roofing contractor can help to elongate the overall lifespan and health rating of your commercial rooftop — which can wind up saving your budget bigtime!

Commercial Roof Inspections

What We Look For:

CP Rankin: Commercial Roof Inspection

  • Loose seams, also inspecting corners and edges
  • Punctures in the membrane
  • Compromised flashing
  • Bubbles in the membrane
  • Splits from freeze/thaw cycles
  • Clogged gutters and drains
  • Signs of algae or mold
  • Soft spots in the roof field
  • And more

Your rooftop is the first line of defense against nature and effects of a neglected rooftop can be astronomical. Energy inefficiency, leaks, and even collapses are just a few of these costly effects. Annual inspections will not only help to head off these problems early on, but they will help you to keep a detailed and organized log to help with future roofing decisions. It’s also important to remember that most roofing manufacturers require annual roof maintenance and roof inspections to keep the original warranty intact.

While it’s no guarantee, having a roof in peak condition will help to improve the likelihood of getting through tough weather unscathed. Schedule your inspection today and help to ensure your rooftop not only recovered from the harsh winter weather but to prepare it for the springtime rain. As a bonus of taking advantage of springtime inspections, you can schedule outside of the summer rush.

CP Rankin Inc. is a full service, self-performing commercial roof management provider with strategically-placed offices and hubs to fulfill operational needs across the country. CP Rankin has established an exemplary reputation among the area’s largest corporations, general contractors, property management firms, office parks, distribution facilities, restaurant groups, big box retail entities, shopping centers and malls, retail chains, mixed use property, as well as various privately and publicly held institutions.

For more information on the expectations of a commercial roof maintenance plan and details on how it could benefit your bottom line contact us today online (or call 866-ROOF-322). We offer customizable programs and plans to fit the very specifics needs of your commercial roof system.

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