Not sure what your faulty roof needs? We’re here to help! Repair and restoration options are determined after comprehensive and complimentary CP Rankin inspection. Re-roofing, or sometimes referred to as layovers, is a repair method that is a low-cost and quick solution for a damaged or old roof not yet needing a complete replacement. Re-roofs refers to when a new roof system or membrane is installed over the existing roof system. This restoration can be an efficient and cost-effective way to give your roof up to 10-15 years of extended life. All visible penetrations and blisters are repaired and watertight sealed and the flashings are replaced in preparation for the new membrane. The end result is a brand new roof membrane/system, utilizing the contents of the previous system.

Re-roofs are a good option for buildings containing only the original roof; we don’t recommend installing a third roof layer. Our roofing professionals will assess your roof and determine if a re-roof is possible without causing any structural issues. Call today to discuss your options.

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