Timing is everything, right? It’s no different when it comes to repairing your commercial flat roof. The roofing experts with CP Rankin are here to offer some tips and tricks for determining the best time to have your commercial roofing system repaired. Keep reading!

Damage-Related RepairsCP Rankin: Scheduling

Your flat roof, regardless of its geographic location, will be exposed to extreme weather conditions.  If you happen to notice a leak or your building recently experienced a severe weather event, it’s important that you contact an experienced commercial roofing contractor to inspect the condition of your rooftop. It’s critical to address any storm-related damage as soon as possible in order to avoid any potential spread or worsening.

Warranty Repairs

Most commercial flat roofs are initially covered by warranties that address defects in material and installation. Knowing the parameters of your roof’s warranty could potentially save you thousands. However, in these cases, repairs must be completed by a certified roofing contractor — otherwise, your warranty may be voided or invalidated. For this reason, we recommend that you carefully consult both your warranty and roofing contractor’s credentials before moving forward with any warranty-related roof repairs. Luckily, CP Rankin is certified with the industry’s most recognized names and trusted brands.


Winter, for a good portion of the U.S., is a relatively impractical time to start thinking about roof repairs because of the low temperatures and the likelihood of ice and snowfall. While snow should be no reason to put off critical repairs, it’s much more ideal for all involved parties to conduct these services in the more enjoyable, less snowy, seasons.


Spring, by default, is one of the busiest times for commercial roofing companies. Because of the improving weather conditions, the backlog of incomplete repairs from the winter can finally be safely and efficiently completed. Because of this, the window of availability tightens during this time. Try not to wait until the last minute for springtime repairs.


Summer, typically, is the best season to address roof repairs (and even replacements). One of the main reasons is that most of the U.S. is experiencing weather that is more predictable and cooperative. Additionally, the surge from the springtime repairs typically dies down to a steady stream during summer months. Lastly, the summer’s higher temps assists in curing the bonding materials that are used to seal most flat roofs. When controllable, this is the perfect time to have your roof repaired.


For roof repairs, fall works well too. Like the summertime, fall weather is relatively predictable and cooperative. You’re less likely to expose your interior to extreme temperatures or harsh weather during these repairs. It’s common for property owners and building managers to address preventative maintenance and repairs during the fall months in order to prep for the harder weather approaching in the winter months.

Maintenance Roof Repairs

We wholeheartedly stand behind each commercial property enlisting a comprehensive maintenance plan. Keeping an eye on the condition of your roof throughout the year can help to head off costly repairs because roofing issues can be identified and addressed while they’re still minor. Allowing an unnoticed roofing issue to linger oftentimes winds up costing building owners much more in the long run. Additionally, to avoid peak-hour costs and emergency calls, properly scheduling annually allows you to watch your bottom line a little bit closer.

At CP Rankin, we recommend each rooftop is inspected annually and after severe weather conditions. Setting up a maintenance plan is easy, and we can customize a plan to meet the specific needs of your rooftops. Call today to partner with an experienced technician and start saving! 866-ROOF-322

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