Your new roof in an asset and as such should be properly maintained. All component of the building envelope require periodic maintenance to perform as designed, but perhaps most importantly is your roof! Most maintenance guidelines recommend that the building envelope be inspected at least twice a year to assist you in maintaining a watertight building for many years.

Although leading manufacturers like Carlisle and Firestone products do not necessarily require periodic maintenance to assure long-term performance, periodic inspection is very important to assure that these products have not been exposed to conditions excluded from their warranties.

Your roof should be inspected for tears or punctures caused by wind, storms, falling objects, roof traffic and the like. In addition, the membrane should be inspected for any contamination such as petroleum products, greases, oils and fats, acids and other similar discharges that cause deterioration. It is also important that your roof is inspected for ponding water and clogged drains which can be corrected by periodic cleaning as part of a preventative maintenance program.

To maximize your return on your building investment, appropriate care is essential. Manufactures recommend that all roof inspections be performed by a licensed applicator. CP Rankin is a licensed installer for most major manufacturers and has 5 Preventative Maintenance programs from which to choose. Now is the perfect time of the year to put a program in place. Contact CP Rankin and speak to a friendly client account manager who will provide a free preventative maintenance consultation and assist you in selecting the ideal program for your specific roofing needs. Call 866-ROOF-322 today!

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