Every year, millions of people set out to achieve New Year’s resolutions. The sad truth is that most give up on them before the end of Q1, according to Forbes. Why do these resolutions fail so often? Because New Year’s resolutions seldom have actionable steps. They’re created out of peer pressure based on an arbitrary date. Check out the stats below.

CP Rankin: New Year'sNew Year’s Resolutions In A Nutshell:

  • More than 38% of US adults set a New Year’s resolution.
  • Adults 19-34 are most likely to make resolutions.
  • Top 3 resolutions are health-related – nearly 50% to exercise more.
  • About 3/4 quit the first week – under 40% make it past the first month.
  • Less than 10% successfully keep their resolution.
  • 54% of parents have New Year’s resolutions.

While the most common resolutions, as noted above, are personal health-related, we’re focusing in on the importance of the health of your commercial roof in the New Year. Every year, all too many commercial property owners and managers forget about their commercial flat roof. It’s time to break that bad habit, and our national commercial roofing experts are here to help!

New Year’s Resolutions To Keep For Your Commercial Rooftop:

Conduct Annual Roof Inspections

Regardless on which part of the country your commercial roof is, annual roof inspections are critically important. Annual inspections can help to catch problematic roofing issues before they turn into costly projects. In addition to the annual inspection, it’s a wise idea to have a commercial rooftop inspected after a serious storm. Throughout the nation, we see a significant amount of commercial roof neglect that winds up costing property owners and managers big time in premature roof replacement costs. These costs can typically be prolonged with annual roof inspections.

Clean Your Roof

You’d be surprised by the amount of debris that can collect on commercial flat roofs. Not only does a clean commercial roof look better than a dirty, debris-filled roof, but it also performs better as well. Roofs littered with foliage, leaves, algae, and other forms of debris may not only drain more inefficiently, but they can also foster organic growth. Neither of these scenarios promote a healthy, functioning rooftop. For example, if your rooftop is waterproofed by TPO, annual inspections and cleaning can not only rejuvenate the bright white appearance and reflective abilities, but it can also improve its energy efficiency.

Prioritize Annual Maintenance

It’s oftentimes “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to your commercial roofing system. Many think of rooftops as they do windshield wipers — only thinking about them when it rains. A comprehensive maintenance plan can not only help to keep eyes on the condition of your rooftop, but it can help to keep your roof clean and help to head off major issues before they happen.

While you may think your building’s maintenance team can handle the upkeep of your commercial rooftop, it’s a money-saving move to hire a qualified roofing contractor. Our qualified and experienced roofing professionals have an eye for spotting roofing issues before they become a costly disaster. We offer maintenance plans for roofs of all shapes and sizes and in all geographic locations. Call today and we’ll help setup a comprehensive maintenance plan to match the exact needs of your current roofing system. All inspections are accompanied with a full roof report, including pictures and recommendations. Call today to find out more and allow us to keep your roof in prime functioning condition through 2023. 866-ROOF-322

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