Severe weather events — wind, hail, floods, tornadoes, lightning storms, and hurricanes — cost billions of dollars in rooftop damages across the U.S. every year. While Florida bears a majority of the hurricane mayhem, the surrounding states face serious risk as well.  With Hurricane Season upon us (running from June 1st to November 30th), it’s time to prepare your commercial roof in Florida and the surrounding states — before it’s too late!

CP Rankin: Hurricane PreparednessWe’re national roofing contractors and we’re ready to weather the storm by your side, and we’re here with you beforehand to assist in safeguarding your commercial rooftop before a catastrophic weather event. All too often, roof leak detection is an “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy for many. Unaddressed roof damage can weaken a roof system over time causing more serious and costly issues in the future. These unaddressed roofing issues can compromise a roof’s value and lifespan.

There’s good news though — keep reading!

It’s relatively simple to establish proactive prevention – giving your rooftop a championship stance against severe weather. In partnership with a certified commercial roofing contractor, commercial building owners and managers should inspect their rooftops twice a year — at least. Per the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), it’s critical to have your commercial rooftop inspected before a serious storm. Addressing simple issues before a storm hits can wind up saving you big time once the severe weather dissipates.

How to Prepare Your Commercial Roof for

Hurricanes & Other High-Wind Events

  • Inspect for any loose or missing materials
    • For all types of roof covering, loose or missing materials increase vulnerability to high winds and allow for water penetration; identify these areas and have them fixed immediately
  • Remove all debris
    • Remove items that could become airborne during a high-wind storm, damaging your roof covers, property or other structures
  • Check for loose perimeter flashing
    • Loose or ill-fitted flashing greatly increases the potential for roof cover failure and water intrusion during high wind events
  • Inspect for loose flashing around roof-mounted equipment, curbs and roof hatches
    • Loose flashing around these areas leads to potential failure of the unit’s structure and water intrusion
  • Clean roof drainage systems
    • Remove loose objects on your roof that could potentially clog the drainage, as well as dirt, leaves and other granules from gutters and downspouts; these items can cause blockage in the system during a storm, leading to excess ponding and potential roof failure
  • Check for standing water in gutters
    • Standing water in the gutter may be caused by a blockage in the gutter or a gutter that is not properly sloped to the downspout
  • Confirm gutters are anchored
    • Verify that gutters are anchored by gutter straps designed to resist the high winds associated with hurricanes and other severe storms
  • Direct water away from building
    • To reduce the chance of flooding from ground water, ensure that downspouts funnel water away from the building and do not allow the water to accumulate near the building’s foundation
  • Replace rusted materials
    • Look for rusted metal panels, screws and metal flashing on curbs, and replace immediately
  • Confirm mechanical units are properly attached
    • Confirm all mechanical units are attached to the deck with the proper hurricane straps, and each unit is secured properly to its curb
  • Look for gaps and leaks
    • Inspect around the unit’s connection to the curb it sits on, and check for any visible signs of potential leaks; these can be repaired using various roof sealants and caulks that are readily available
  • Check vents and stacks
    • Check vents and stacks to ensure they are secured properly

The scary truth about storms is that they are oftentimes unpredictable and shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s critical for every commercial building owner, manager, and engineer to properly prepare for the wrath of severe weather during hurricane season. Get it touch with a roofing professional at CP Rankin today to customize a Preventative Maintenance Plan for your commercial rooftop. We are certified contractors for some of the industry’s most recognized names and trusted brands. You can be assured that our expert craftsmanship, skill, and knowledge combined with the best materials in the market will result in a properly functioning roof system for years to come.

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